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Mike Rowe Men's Health Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

Who I Want to Be for a Day

This essay was sent to mikeroweWORKS by Evan’s proud Mom, we’re pretty proud of him too.  We wish Evan all the best.
I just want to thank you for being such a fantastic role model for our young men. I have attached an essay that my son wrote for his class project that is to be submitted for a essay writing contest within the school system. When I read the essay, I was moved to tears with pride and I am incredibly amazed at the depth of thought he put into this. Of all the people, dead or alive, he could have picked for his essay, it was you that he most admires. He may not win the essay writing contest but who cares! He has already won it as far as I’m concerned! Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s working! Shelley Mike Rowe Men's Health Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

By Evan
Age 15

There are many great and famous people in the world today. Picking just one is a difficult task. But there is one that I would choose out of all of them and that is Mr. Mike Rowe.
I have been a member of the Boy Scouts of America since I was 10 years old. I have worked and earned my way through the ranks of Cub Scout, Webelos Scout and now a Life Scout working towards my Eagle Scout, the highest rank one can achieve in the Boy Scout Program. Only four percent of Boy Scouts will reach their Eagle Rank before their 18th birthday. I intend to be within that 4 percent.
Mike Rowe is an Eagle Scout. He became an Eagle Scout when he was a teenager just like me. But even as an adult, he continues to live by the Scout Oath and Law every day. The Boy Scout Law states that a Boy Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. I try to live my life by the Scout Law everyday just like Mike Rowe does.
He is a very kind person, friendly to everyone. He never gets angry. He is always polite, never insulting anyone. He is not afraid to say “hello” to strangers, making new friends where ever he goes. He encourages others even when things are not going well. Always has a positive attitude and does his best in all he tries to accomplish. He is honest and hardworking.
He is mostly famous for his show “Dirty Jobs”. On his show, he gets down and dirty with common everyday hardworking people. In this show, he demonstrates how this country is built on the backs of farmers, ranchers, fisherman, textile workers and all sorts of “technical trade” occupations. Without them, we would have no food, no clean water, no sanitation and no clothes. These are daily necessities we depend on but have no idea what it takes to get them into our homes. Thanks to Mike Rowe, I think we are a little more appreciative on the “simple things” we take for granted. “A Scout is clean…but not afraid to get dirty”, says Mike.
Recently, he began a campaign called “Profoundly Disconnected”. This is about college kids getting an education with money they don’t have, racking up thousands of dollars in student loans and not being able to find a job when they graduate to pay back their student loans. While on the other side of that coin, there are 3 million jobs out there needing someone trained to do them but there are no trained persons to be found. Not that we don’t need college educated people, but we do need more technically trained people. “Learn a skill, master a trade”, says Mike Rowe. The colleges and universities say “work smart, not hard”, but Mike Rowe says “work smart AND hard”. I believe these are words to build a career on.
On June 1st, 2012, Mr. Rowe was awarded the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award for adult Eagle Scout who continues to make a difference in their communities. I am inspired by this and, possibly one day, if I work smart AND hard, learn a skill and master a trade, serve my community and live by the Scout Oath and Law every day, I’ll have a successful career, no debt to pay back, and be a Distinguished Eagle Scout nominee myself.