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Treated Like a Dignitary at SkillsUSA

Chuck Klausmeyer and Tim Lawrence SkillsUSALast month Joey showed me a video from SkillsUSA’s 2015 National Leadership and Skills Conference. I was blown away by how great this “week in review” video was, so I posted a link to it and wrote about it on this very page.

Well, this past Sunday I needed to be in Winchester, Virginia for a wedding (look for that tale on Wednesday) and as it turns out the ‪#‎SkillsUSA‬ National Leadership Center is about an hour away in Leesburg, Virginia. I decided I’d like to check it out. So I reached out to their Executive Director, Tim Lawrence (pictured) and asked if I could drop by. He kindly agreed.

I showed up today expecting to chat with Tim and get the nickel tour. Instead, I felt like a visiting dignitary. Tim greeted me at the door and escorted me to a conference room filled with people. I’ll admit I felt like a deer-in-the-headlights as I was introduced to everyone. You know that moment when you’re introduced to a lot of people all at once and the names are coming at you left and right and you’re just hoping there won’t be a test later? That was me.

Everyone was exceptionally nice and in a matter of minutes I felt right at home. I learned so much about this great organization and got a million dollar tour… where I met even more people. Tim told me they have 29 employees at that location and I feel like I met them all. (I’m really dreading Chuck - SkillsUSAthat test)

Many thanks to Tim, Tom, Kelly, Craig, Darlene and Jane. These folks are ‪#‎NotAfraidToWork‬ Thanks for the hospitality and here’s to the next 50 years of SkillsUSA!


PS. If I met you today and didn’t mention you by name please forgive me. You can always remind me in the comments.

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