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WartsNAll“It’s all very authentic and that makes me feel good. The bad news is, it’s Warts ‘n All™. So you have to be willing to take a pie in the face to work on a shows like Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It. That’s the cost of admission.”


Watch these blooper videos to see Mike Warts ‘n All™  dealing with the ups and downs of making some Dirty Jobs episodes as well as behind the scenes photos from his new show Somebody’s Gotta Do It and bloopers on some commercial shoots.  Pay attention – there’s a lot to be learned here…

Mike Bloody Arm

It can be a bloody job but Somebody’s Gotta Do It! Here is a behind the scenes photo of Mike Warts ‘n All™ on the job while shooting Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

Mike on the set of Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Here is what he has to say: “When you’re working with a seven million dollar camera, you’d better be ready to say something memorable”.

Mortuary Lift

Mike with Camera

Sometimes Mike has to play dead. This is a behind the scenes shot of Mike on set for Somebody’s Gotta Do It.


Mike with Frogs

Mike on the set of Somebody’s Gotta Do It posing with 2 frogs. Definitely a wart risk on this one.

Disaster City
What did Mike expect from Disaster City? Mike was “injured” on set of Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Definitely Warts ‘n All™ for this shoot.

Hiding nothing, showing everything – Warts ‘n All™ – Mucho Mistakes: On Dirty Jobs there were lots of things that could have gone wrong. It’s amazing that these blooper reels aren’t much, much longer.

Mechanics Commercial – BTS: You’d think after all the jobs Mike has had to do, acting would be the easiest but you might be surprised.

Okay here is some legal stuff we need to put on the website. Warts ‘n All™ is all about providing entertainment services like an on-going reality based TV program; Internet website portal featuring stuff like we have – educational services and entertainment; educational programs and events, like webinars (coming soon), seminars and education exhibitions in the field of entertainment and education, about people, places and things – that about covers everything. It’s education (only more fun).