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A Vision For Success

Are you searching for your path to success? But what if that path was right in front of you and you didn’t even recognize it? Diego Santos recognized his path and he took it. Today he is living proof that if you have drive and determination, you can make it as a Cat dealer tech.

As a kid, Diego had a natural curiosity about how things worked. He would take things apart and put them back together (correctly). If the family car was broken, he figured out how to fix it. So for Diego, working as a technician was a no brainer. The question was, how to make the most of it? There were plenty of mechanics jobs out there but Diego wanted more. He wanted to turn his talent and drive into a rewarding and challenging career.

In his search Diego came across the caterpillar ThinkBIG program, a unique two-year curriculum teaching students how to service Cat equipment. He saw the benefits right away.

Now, Diego is a Cat dealer tech and it’s rewarding in more ways than one. As a component rebuild technician, Diego is challenged every day — and he’s paid well. And Cat equipment is involved in many of the region’s biggest projects which means Diego is an instrumental part of his community’s development.

For Diego, his love of his work and his hope for the future was all the drive he needed to become a success. So what’s next for Diego? That’s the beauty of being a Cat dealer tech — it can be whatever he wants it to be. Start your career at  http://cattechjobs.com

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  • Caleb Clardy

    I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1999. I had seen an episode or two of dirty jobs before my Fall 2009 NESA EagleLetter came in the mail. Then I was hooked.

    The Eagle Award was the perfect primer for Mike in terms of ethics and just plain willingness to fall in and “do the job”; whatever it may be.

    I myself have worked several “Dirty Jobs” over my 33 years; from oilfield roustabout at age 15 to “detailing” (a euphemism for cleaning hopelessly mucked out cars in hopes to make them worth even $100 more dollars for sale at an auto auction) cars. Also, there were other “dirty jobs” I have worked, like Telemarketing, which was so much “dirtier” in a different sense.

    Probably the DIRTIEST (non physical) JOB I have ever done was teaching high scool kids Spanish. Whew!

    I have always wanted to pursue voice acting and I was a DJ at Texas Tech while working on my Master’s degree in Linguistics. Plus, I have always loved cartoons and was blown away to see Nancy Cartwright speak. Mike has even done cartoon bits! This is yet another reason why I admire Mike and his dedication to his God given talents.

    I sure hope he reads this…and give me……my next Dirty Job!

  • Beth Mitchell

    My daughter is interested in becoming a farrier, aka someone who shoes horses, do you do scholarships for that like of work/schooling?

  • http://twinlakedogsitting.weebly.com remipuppy0927

    seriously people whats the big deal about scouts and whatever! nobody cares!

    • Greg Fritsch

      Your obviously not a disciplined individual.