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There’s More Where That Came From…

Hopefully, a lot more.

Here’s an article that makes me feel really good. Check it out here.

There’s no better way to celebrate the trades than to encourage the real people who are actually taking the time to learn one, and that’s exactly what I hope to do with help from organizations like AED. The amounts are modest, but the direction is exactly right, and I’m really excited about funding many more scholarships and tool stipends in the near future.

Last month at Con Expo, I stopped by the I Make America booth and ran into this guy.

As luck would have it, Andrew Reisinger is one of the recipients of this year’s mikeroweWORKS Foundation Tools Scholarship, a financial award that can be applied toward whatever tools he may need upon graduation. Andrew recognized me, and waited (in a ridiculously long line) to thank me for the scholarship. In turn, I’d like to thank all of you who have contributed to the Foundation.

Andrew’s going to graduate from The Pennsylvania College of Technology this May. His grades are excellent. He aspires to repair heavy equipment – cranes in particular – and work on the road fulltime. He aims to be self-employed. Andrew is gracious, enthusiastic, smart, and very motivated. In short, he’s exactly the kind of guy we want to encourage, and I couldn’t be happier to help fund a few of the tools he’ll need moving forward.

Every month, more companies are partnering with mrW, allowing our Foundation to expand in the direction I’ve always envisioned. These things take time, but I’m really encouraged, and look forward to sharing some more good news very shortly.

Thanks, and congratulations to this current round of recipients. I’m hopeful there will be many more to come.


  • Kay

    Congratulations Andrew and best of luck in your heavy equipment career. I have a feeling you are going to do very well.

    Mike, thanks.

  • Liz

    Congratulations to all the winners of the scholarships! I hope the future is bright and successful for them! Just one question. Why were there no females listed as recipients? Hopefully that will change in the future.

  • Laurann

    Congratulations and good luck to Andrew on what I’m sure will be successful career! And to Mike, as always, I’m looking forward to what you and everyone have planned ahead. The site looks great!

  • pilgrim101

    Two thumbs up! Great to see these scholarships awarded to these young adults, I was tickled to see #17 on the list, as I am an Alumni. Congrats to all the recipients!

  • Clemance

    Absolutely wonderful – congratulations Andrew! I know you’ll do great in life and your career. We need more young people like you. Keep it up.

    Mike, the difference you’ve made in his life will last long after the dollars run out. You’re an amazing person.

  • KathyZang

    Just got to read this story in Mike Rowe’s Trades Hub Daily. I can’t tell you how much I love getting that. Also congrats to mrW and to you Mike that your vision for the Foundation is working out.

    And finally to Andrew. Congratulations that you are moving toward a career you love and that you received a grant to help you in this.

  • Pia Y.

    ” The amounts are modest, but the direction is exactly right, and I’m really excited about funding many more scholarships and tool stipends in the near future.”

    mrW is celebrating and acknowledging each individuals’ achievements and hard work. No matter the amount given, the recipients will be able to get started, thanks to the Foundation’s generosity. And because of the scholarships and stipends awarded, we may all benefit one day.

    Mike, your foundation needs to put all modesty aside, and pat itself on the back. If your arms do not reach, don’t worry: ours are back there patting as well.

  • Francesca

    Congrats to all of them!

    It must be an amazing feeling knowing the Foundation is making a difference in their lives. I’m sure this is just the start of great things to come.

  • Gregg

    Very cool! Good job Andrew!!

    Good job to Mike and mrW as well! Great story and look forward to reading more like this!


  • Bud

    Mike, Thank you for telling America about Construction Trades. It is past time for people to realize college education is not the only option. I am a masonry Instructor and the need for Bricklayers is great. I appreciate how you demonstrate how construction jobs require skill and stamina. I am proud of my college degree also but I know
    that I can take my masonry tools and work anywhere. You made some great points in your video. Maybe the education system in America will wake up one day. Keep up the good work I enjoy Dirty Jobs.

    Bud (aka) Dr.brick

  • william

    Thank you mike for all you do.Young people are our future.

    Congradulations to Andrew!

  • Bobbi Reisinger

    Congratulations to all of the tool scholarship recipients and good luck to them all as they begin their careers!

    Mike, as Andrew’s mom I would like to thank you and your foundation for all you have done for Andrew and the others like him. Your support helps show that someone out there values the career choice that these guys have made…often many people think the only important jobs are those in an office. Without these guys those offices won’t get built nor will anything else that our society enjoys the use of every day.

    Finally, to Andrew, way to go buddy! Dad and I are really proud of you!

  • Cher lord

    Congrats. What an honor. Mom & Dad really look proud of you! May you Always have great success in you life. The best to you.

    Cher & Rick Lord