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The Blaze: Mike Unveils ‘S.W.E.A.T Pledge’ and Scholarship Program

 By Jason Howerton

Mike Rowe, formerly of Dirty Jobs, appeared on TheBlaze TV’s “Wilkow!” Thursday night to discuss his exciting new scholarship program, the mikeroweWORKS Scholarship Fund. The goal is to get high school seniors ready to enter the workforce with the skills they need to land the jobs that are available in the U.S. — the key word being available.

“The jobs right now that we have available, people don’t seem to want — and it makes no sense because we’re lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist,” Rowe told TheBlaze TV’s Andrew Wilkow.

Each mikeroweWORKS scholarship is worth $15,000 on average — a nice chunk of change. However, any high school senior interested in the program must first take the “S.W.E.A.T. Pledge” (Skills and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo) and make a case as to why they are deserving of the scholarship in the form of a video.

“If you’re not willing to sign it, this particular pile of free money is probably not for you,” Rowe said.

Over the next few months, mikeroweWORKS will partner with some of the very best trade and technical Schools in the country, starting with the Mid-West Technical Institute (MTI).

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  • Shannon Marie Conley

    I signed it. Shannon Marie Conley. 10-10-13.

  • Nancy B. Kraus

    I will be sending this notice over to my nephew. We are trying to get him into the Williamson Trade School in Pennsylvania for Masonry.
    Still trying to figure out how to pay for his tools that he will need to buy if he gets in but that is my problem and his.