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Fox News Radio John Gibson – Mike talks about the “terrible arithmetic of the economy”


Mike gives his thoughts on the Walmart ad controversy and if raising the minimum wage is really the answer. Work is a beautiful thing. Mike Rowe on critics attacking him for narrating a new ad for Walmart says he can’t imagine what would happen in the economy if others followed Walmarts example. On the CBO…


CNN Newsroom – Mike under fire for Walmart ad


CNN’s Don Lemon talks with Mike about his decision to make the Walmart ad and his new book Profoundly Disconnected. CNN


CNN New Day – Mike doesn’t regret Walmart ad


Mike doesn’t feel he needs to defend Walmart but he does want to promote jobs, the skilled trades, and bringing back manufacturing to America. “Dirty Jobs” Host Defends Walmart Ad “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is known for being an advocate for the working class, but critics are slamming him for narrating a new Walmart…


Erin Burnett Out Front – Mike fires back at Walmart criticism


Mike responds to the controversy regarding the Walmart ad and how being on the side of the ad does not mean he is selling “it” or selling out. He continues the same message  he has since 2008 – he advocates for jobs, manufacturing, and the skilled trades. CNN Erin Burnett Out Front


Mike Rowe’s Response to Facebook Comments on Walmart Commercial Voiceover


Here is post #1 of 3 on Facebook regarding the Facebook response to Mike’s Walmart voiceover commercial, February 9, 2014 Last night during the Olympics, a commercial started running called “I Am a Factory.” It’s part of a larger campaign sponsored by Walmart, called “Work is a Beautiful Thing.” The commercial features real people doing…


Clean-Up In Aisle Four!

Clean Up on Aisle 4

This whole Walmart thing. Wow. Just…wow. If you’re just tuning in, here’s a brief timeline. – Last week, I did the voiceover for a commercial that announced Walmart’s commitment to purchase 250 billion dollars of American made goods and put them onto their shelves. – This Saturday, the commercial ran during The Olympics, and people…