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Kevin Samuel – Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient

Kevin Samual

There are two things that 19 year-old Kevin Samuel is really passionate about: cars and reptiles. His interest in reptiles grew from all of the indigenous lizards he encountered in his home state of Nevada. His interest in cars came from an automotive class his junior year at Coronado High School (Henderson, Nevada). “I enjoyed…


John Goodson – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

John Goodson - PD

John Goodson had had enough. He had been touring for two years as the drummer of a band called Dolly Shine. It was exhausting. John had always seen music as more of a hobby than a vocation, but it’s hard to call something a hobby if it keeps you away from home 200 days per…


Taylor Vanschoik – Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient, Works Hard at Giving Back


Taylor Vanschoik grew up in Vicksburg, Michigan. It’s not just his hometown; it’s also a close-knit community that helped him through the most difficult period in his family’s life – Cancer. When Taylor was 14 doctors discovered he had a tumor in his brain. It had to be surgically removed. Taylor had two brain surgeries,…


Whitley Bailey – Proving it is never too early or late too start over

Whitley Bailey - pd thumbnail

When I spoke with Whitley Bailey she was at an animal shelter looking for a dog to rescue. She had four Pomeranians growing up but she always dreamed of adopting a pet hedgehog she planned to name Winston. There was only one problem – hedgehogs were illegal in her home state of Pennsylvania. So when…


Justin Britton ~ Auto and Industrial Diesel Technician

Justin Britton - PD thumbnail

Justin Britton loves machines. Always has. As a kid he remembers sitting on his father’s lap in the cab of a bulldozer. Once a year, his dad’s union used to have their version of “bring your kid to work day.” Justin loved to take the controls, if only for a moment, and feel the power…


Zachary Greenwood Living the S.W.E.A.T. Pledge & Making mrW Proud

PD WITH LOGO Zachary Greenwood_edited-1

Today’s scholarship recipient profile came about in a most unusual way… Last week at the office we got a package from Seattle. The box contained surplus merchandise that hadn’t been sold during the Dirty Talk with Mike Rowe performance last month. Among the hats, posters, and totes there was an envelope addressed to Mike Rowe….