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WorkHands is 100% free for workers in the trades. It’s for people who build, maintain, fix, and haul, people who spend their days getting their hands dirty to make the world run. WorkHands is where you show off what you’re capable of building, fixing, maintaining, and hauling by uploading pictures of recent projects that demonstrate…


Vocational School Gets the Last Laugh – Education, a Job and No Debt

Teens are learning the value of a trade school education and the benefits of high-tech factory jobs. Kids used to go to college to avoid working minimum-wage jobs in factories. But nowadays kids are going to vocational school to get high-tech factory jobs working with programs and robotics. By Eun Kyung Kim, TODAY contributor When he decided against…


Women in Construction


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the construction industry? There are jobs in the construction trades, there are educational and employment programs to help get you there. The Huffington Post’s blog focuses on the stories of women working in the construction field in New York City. A Day in…


Skilled Trades Educators & Employers: We Need to Be Better Partners

Technology Educators and Manufacturers Collaborating to Close the Skills Gap By William Ng THOMASNET.com At a workforce development meeting last week, manufacturing educators and employers from across the Midwest and elsewhere in the U.S. agreed that much greater collaboration between the private sector and teaching institutions is needed to fix the U.S. industrial labor skills…


Pride and a Paycheck July/August 2013 – “The Mason”


Pride and a Paycheck is a newsletter for tradeswomen by tradeswomen. In addition to articles each edition also has information about training, employment, apprenticeships and more. “The Mason” By Stella Cheng In, 1989, after 10 years as a bricklayer in the Bay Area/San Francisco, I won a fellowship from my union to learn traditional masonry…


Universal Technical Institute – Military Career Transition


At UTI, they don’t just talk about your success. They stand behind it. You’ll find a host of support services that are designed to help you achieve your career objectives, including: Dedicated Military Admissions Support on Every Campus 10% to Military Veterans VA Benefits Support at Every Campus Financial Aid Assistance Location Relocation Assistance Available…