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Tough As They Come

pd - travis mills - tough as they come

I know lots of tough guys. Crab fisherman, cage-fighters, roughnecks, coal miners. I’ve got a Rolodex of bad-asses I’ve met over the years, and I suspect I’ll meet a few more before I’m done. But I’m pretty sure I’ll never meet anyone tougher than Travis Mills. Travis got his arms and legs blown off in…


Veterans Day Nationwide Promo – Travis: A Soldier’s Story Documentary

Travis 300x175

Travis: A Soldier’s Story is an award winning documentary featuring the inspiring true story of United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne. Travis lost portions of both arms and legs as the result of an IED (improvised explosive device) on April 10, 2012 while on patrol during his third tour of…


Mike’s Experience With Travis Mills


Say hi to Retired Staff Sargent Travis Mills, formerly of the 82nd Airborne, US Army. As you can see, Travis has undergone a few structural modifications, most visibly in the leg department. Likewise, his left arm is more machine than flesh, and though his right arm appears to be around my waist, it really isn’t….