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Mike’s offers a message for Occupy Protesters & for all of us with a job

the Blaze - Occupy Wallstreet Type Protesters - Mike Rowe

“Somebody’s Gotta Do It” star Mike Rowe has a message for Occupy Wall Street-style protesters who are taking to the streets in New York City and other cities this fall. “Enjoy the fact that you have enough rope to either either build a bridge or hang yourself,” said Rowe, speaking with TheBlaze last month. “You…


Glenn Beck Radio – The Incredible History that Built America

Mike on Glenn Beck Radio - Dec 3 2014

Glenn interviewed Mike Rowe on radio about the upcoming special tomorrow night at 8pm only on TheBlaze called Building America, presented by Caterpillar. Mike chronicles the major engineering and infrastructure feats that began rapidly rising in the 1800’s that eventually formed the foundation America currently operates on. As with many of the Mike Rowe conversations,…


Mike offers advice to young entrepreneurs on Glenn Beck Show


Mike returned to the Glenn Beck Show on November 13, 2013 to continue the conversation with a studio audience about having a solid work ethic. The Blaze TV Glenn Beck & Mike Rowe Offer Free Advice to Young Entrepreneurs – Including ‘Dairy Queen’ Hero Featured on The Blaze! By Erica Ritz Glenn Beck and Mike…