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Great Bobble-Head Adventure

smBobble-head Fail copy

OFF THE WALL There appears to some confusion around my GBA, (Great Bobble-Head Adventure,) as well as some consternation. Lots of comments like these are on The Wall. Michael Burman – “Well! This is most unfortunate, as the only bidders who will eventually lay claim to your American made Bobble-head, will be those fortunate enough…


Bobble-Head Mike

Bobble-head and Mike

A couple months ago, I suggested that America’s manufacturing challenges were becoming increasingly dire. This observation was not prompted by any new government data, but rather, the sad realization that our manufacturing sector seemed incapable of capturing my likeness in a high-quality, mass-produced, competitively-priced Bobble-Head. Well, I have some news. A company in Alpharetta, GA…


Mike Talks about the Value of Learning a Skilled Trade

Career Advice by Mike Rowe

Mike opens up on pay, public office and the ‘skills gap’ “I’d love to see every hard worker paid handsomely, including teachers.” ~ Mike Rowe (CNN) — Between Mike Rowe’s television work and his philanthropic efforts with the Mike Rowe Works Foundation, Rowe holds true to one central passion: tipping his hat to those who…


Glenn Beck Asks What Makes Mike Tick? Somebody’s Gotta Do It!

mike rowe glenn beck sgdi

Mike Rowe is one of Glenn’s favorite guests to have on radio, for a variety of reasons. First, Mike is one of the seemingly few leaders left on the planet who values hard work. He also isn’t afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t fold like a cheap tent when he gets some public pushback…


Men’s Health: Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

Mike Rowe Men's Health Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

Over the years Mike has tried some Dirty Jobs, built a website to support the skilled trades and soon you will be able to watch him on CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It. All of these themes are connected in many ways and Mike shared his ideas with Josh Dean for this Men’s Health article. View the…