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G.I. Money: Beyond Dirty Jobs

    Mike talks to Tamar Alexia Fleishman of G.I. Money about “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, mikeroweWORKS, and life after Dirty Job. Read the complete article – HERE.                  


Real-Life Tradesmen ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’

mike rowe - tradesmen - white t-shirts

Many of your were no doubt expecting another post from me today, reminding you for the umpteenth time to watch the season premiere of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, tonight at 9pm on CNN. Well, think again. There’s more to life than watching television, even when it’s wildly entertaining, profoundly compelling, and potentially life-changing. Instead, I’d…


Fond du Lac Reporter: Celebrate American Work Ethic

PD fdreporter Mike Rowe  American Work Ethic

Fond du Lac Reporter by Colleen Kottke, Action Reporter Media As a child, Mike Rowe believed his grandfather — a laborer with an eighth-grade education — was a magician who could build a house without a blueprint and repair anything that needed fixing. “My granddad was heroic in his day because of what he could…


Popular Science: Lessons about Labors No One Wants

How To Take Pride In A Shark Autopsy, And Other Lessons From Mike Rowe The former “Dirty Jobs” host has had his share of gross experiences in the workforce By Popular Science Staff This article was originally published in the February 2015 issue of Popular Science, as part of our Top 10 Worst Jobs In…


Dairy Strong 2015

PD Dairy Strong 2015

Wisconsin Ag Connection Mike Rowe, Gov. Walker to Speak at Dairy Strong Conference Calling it the state’s next biggest dairy producer gathering to World Dairy Expo, the Dairy Business Association is kicking off it’s inaugural ‘Dairy Strong’ conference at the Monona Terrace in Madison next week. The January 13-15 forum will include keynote speeches from…


Mike Visits Queen Latifah – NEW C.R.A.P AUCTION!

Mike Rowe Queen Latifah

Mike chats with Queen Latifah on her show, December 2, 2014 about the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, offers some career suggestions and talks about his new show Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Mike’s dog Freddy even got a mention. GREAT RESULT!!! $4975 Mike Rowe & Queen Latifah autographed drum auction to benefit and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation! Queen Latifah…