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Mike Rowe - Stop Ignoring the skills gap

Last week, my personal toilet at mikeroweWORKS Headquarters coughed up a disgusting clog of bad advice, noxious bromides, and odorous stereotypes, leaving my entire office awash in the horrific stench of myth and nonsense. With no licensed plumbers on hand, I was forced to address the problem myself, pulling each offending fallacy from it’s cardboard…


“Mike Rowe for SkillsUSA” Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

SkillsUSA PSA Mike Rowe

SkillsUSA Longtime SkillsUSA supporter Mike Rowe, on behalf of his mikeroweWORKS Foundation, has joined with SkillsUSA to produce a new audio PSA that addresses the growing problem of the skills gap and positions SkillsUSA as a solution to that problem. Read  how you can spread the word by sharing the audio files with your local…


How Do We Fix The Skills Gap?

mike - Forge

Mike joins Richard Davies and Jim Meigs of “How Do We Fix It” on their weekly podcast that searches for solution to problems we all face.  This week’s episode (#18) talks about a subject he is well versed in ~ the skills gap. Listen to the podcast HERE.


Detroiter Magazine: Work Hard and Work Smart

By Dawson Bell Mike Rowe redefines how Americans view skilled trades Mike Rowe is familiar to most Americans as the longtime host of “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel and, more recently, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” on CNN. These shows take you inside the livelihoods of people who make the world work. Known for his…


The Skills Gap is Real – I Told You So

mike rowe - help wanted work ethic

When I’m right, I try not to gloat. I try not to say, “I told you so.” I try not to leap upon my high horse and point to a set of facts are slowly becoming harder and harder to dispute. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s difficult, and sometimes it’s just impossible. So – if…


ENTREPRENEUR: Filling the Skills Gap and Doing Social Good

Entrepreneur - Skills Gap and Doing Social Good - Mike Rowe

ENTREPRENEUR Jason Fell For Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, business sometimes comes down to two positions: mercenary or missionary. Before your mind gets trapped in the gutter, let Rowe explain. “By missionary position I mean doing something decent but not founding your entire businesss on it,” he says in an interview with Entrepreneur. Because, of…