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Hot Under The Blue Collar #12

hutbc-12 mike rowe

Over on mikeroweWORKS, my buddy Chuck wrote a post that included #skillsgap. Someone did not approve… Jason Steiner writes… I’m tired of hearing about the skills gap. I have a Porsche gap. There aren’t enough Porsches available for me to buy at the price I prefer to pay. Nobody tweets #PorscheGap. Nobody cares what I…


Hot Under the Blue Collar #9 – The Skilled Trades Offer No Benefits

HUTBC 9 - Mike Rowe

I just found this on my wall. The original is here. I think it’s important. Gauthier’s Heating July 19 at 6:42pm “Our Family Business of 38 years has ceased doing business. George Gauthier started the heating company at his family farm back in 1977 and it has been running under family ownership since then. We…


Prager U: Don’t Follow Your Passion

Prager U Mike Rowe

I’ve always liked Dennis Prager. Back in LA, driving from audition to audition, his was the only voice of reason I could find on the AM dial. So I was flattered when he invited me to give this years commencement address for Prager University. It’s a five minute speech around the dangers of following your…


FORBES: The Dirtiest Man On TV Dispels 5 Damaging Myths About Blue Collar Labor

Forbes article - Mike Rowe for PD

A Quick Favor Once a week, I try to highlight an example of how the media makes work into the enemy, either by vilifying particular jobs outright, or minimizing the importance of things like ambition and work ethic. Sadly, there’s no shortage of such dreck, and I appreciate that many of you are posting the…


How to Make The Skills Gap Wider, with WalletHub and Channel 10 News

Best and Worst Entry Level Jobs

When people ask me why millions of good jobs remain unfilled while millions of able bodied Americans remain unemployed, I try to alternate my responses between a decline of work ethic, an onslaught of unrealistic expectations, and our irresistible desire to reward bad behavior. But I think the biggest reason so much legitimate opportunity goes…


“Mike Rowe for SkillsUSA” Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

SkillsUSA PSA Mike Rowe

SkillsUSA Longtime SkillsUSA supporter Mike Rowe, on behalf of his mikeroweWORKS Foundation, has joined with SkillsUSA to produce a new audio PSA that addresses the growing problem of the skills gap and positions SkillsUSA as a solution to that problem. Read  how you can spread the word by sharing the audio files with your local…