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“A Most Unusual Announcement Guaranteed to Help Close America’s Skills Gap and Horrify Half the Country.”

Trump robe for PD

I’m very pleased to announce that mikeroweWORKS is about to award over $600,000 in work ethic scholarships. This is our biggest, one-time allotment ever, and it makes me very proud. In all, we have selected 151 recipients. I want to congratulate each of them, and thank everyone who applied. Secondly, I want to thank this…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Myth #8


“The Skilled Trades Are a Young Man’s Game.” Hi Mike I’m hot under my blue collar about an ad for The University of Phoenix. I’m talking about the one that uses the song from The Wizard of Oz to tell people that a college degree is the only way to succeed. I hate everything about…


Metaphoric Toilet & the Widening Skills Gap – Hot Under The Blue Collar – Part 1

hutbc - pd episode 1Mike Rowe

Bad news. The toilet at mikeroweWORKS World Headquarters is overflowing with the most disgusting assortment of excrement I’ve ever stumbled upon, and that’s saying something. The clogs in question are a metaphorical miasma of myths and misperceptions responsible for America’s ever-widening skills gap. I’m doing what I can to debunk these odorous turds, and I…


Time to Announce Our Work Ethic Scholarship Program

pd thumbnail 2016 work ethic scholarship program

The time has come to announce another pile of free money, painstakingly raised from the sale of C.R.A.P. in my garage, (Collectibles Rare And Precious,) and generously supplemented by a few companies eager to support our Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Thanks to their largess and your generosity, we’ve scrounged up over $400,000 to get people…



Mike Rowe - Stop Ignoring the skills gap

Last week, my personal toilet at mikeroweWORKS Headquarters coughed up a disgusting clog of bad advice, noxious bromides, and odorous stereotypes, leaving my entire office awash in the horrific stench of myth and nonsense. With no licensed plumbers on hand, I was forced to address the problem myself, pulling each offending fallacy from it’s cardboard…