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Veterans Day – Thank you

      To the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Guardsmen, (Coastal and National,) and all the men and women of the US Armed Forces: Thanks. Sincerely, Mike Rowe     Mike’s Facebook Page


Mike’s Got Something to Say About the Military

Mike's Got Something to Say About Military

You want to know what gets Mike riled? It is finding out that the unemployment rate for returning GI’s is nearly three times that of the national average. It is criminal, especially when the reason has nothing to do with training or experience. In fact, returning GI’s are more than qualified to work, especially in…


Honoring Fallen Soldier


“Working for an airline sounds pretty cool, working on the ramp loading and unloading bags, freight and COMAT (company materials) that is hard work. That is what I do, day after day. But nothing compares when a military service member is coming home to his/her final resting place. I experienced for the first time a…


Universal Technical Institute – Military Career Transition


At UTI, they don’t just talk about your success. They stand behind it. You’ll find a host of support services that are designed to help you achieve your career objectives, including: Dedicated Military Admissions Support on Every Campus 10% to Military Veterans VA Benefits Support at Every Campus Financial Aid Assistance Location Relocation Assistance Available…

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Mike Rowe Works Hard for Unemployed Vets

Bruce Watson from AOL’s Daily Finance talked to Mike about the issues returning military face when trying to enter the work force again and how a “Reverse Boot Camp” could be beneficial.