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Semper Fi Marines & Happy Veterans Day to ALL Who Serve


On 10 November 2013, The Marines had a party, and Mike had a Ball. The old theater looks like the one in Young Frankenstein – the one where Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle sing “Putting on the Ritz.” Every seat is taken, and the air is filled with a weird mix of anticipation and familiarity….


Honoring Fallen Soldier


“Working for an airline sounds pretty cool, working on the ramp loading and unloading bags, freight and COMAT (company materials) that is hard work. That is what I do, day after day. But nothing compares when a military service member is coming home to his/her final resting place. I experienced for the first time a…


Dirty Truth: Mike’s Got Something to Say About our Military


You want to know what gets Mike riled? It is finding out that the unemployment rate for returning GI’s is nearly three times that of the national average. It is criminal, especially when the reason has nothing to do with training or experience. In fact, returning GI’s are more than qualified to work, especially in…