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DC Velocity: Workforce warrior

A42B2120 - Pilgrim

By Mitch Mac Donald Think of TV personality Mike Rowe, and a certain image inevitably comes to mind: a trim middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap, blue jeans, and a big grin on his face—all splotched with dirt, mud, or a combination thereof. That untidy but cheerful image arises from Rowe’s best-known role, as creator…


USA Today: What Does a ‘Good’ Job Look Like, Anyway?

usa today - media planet - mike rowe

CAREER DEVELOPMENT Too many great opportunities are falling through the cracks, and too many people are being influenced by someone else’s definition of a “good job.” I got a call last week from a magazine editor who invited me to weigh in on their annual list of “The Top 100 Jobs.” I politely declined. He…