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Mike Rowe’s Interview with Charles Koch

PD image Mike Rowe and Charles Koch

Off The Wall If you haven’t seen it, my name appeared a few weeks ago in a headline next to Koch Industries. What could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s have a look. Pablo Elvira says…Mike – I’ve never written a “protest” email before now, but I’m compelled. Your association with The Koch Brothers has obliterated…


Time to Announce Our Work Ethic Scholarship Program

pd thumbnail 2016 work ethic scholarship program

The time has come to announce another pile of free money, painstakingly raised from the sale of C.R.A.P. in my garage, (Collectibles Rare And Precious,) and generously supplemented by a few companies eager to support our Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Thanks to their largess and your generosity, we’ve scrounged up over $400,000 to get people…


Build Baltimore Gala Evening

Build Baltimore Gala - JumpStart

Saturday night in Baltimore, I attended a fundraiser for Project JumpStart, which afforded me the rare opportunity to wear a suit made of something other than rubber. It was a great evening. As the keynote speaker, I was honored to be introduced by two graduates of Jumpstart – Tyrone Ferrens and Toemore Knight. A few…