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Hot Under The Blue Collar #12

hutbc-12 mike rowe

Over on mikeroweWORKS, my buddy Chuck wrote a post that included #skillsgap. Someone did not approve… Jason Steiner writes… I’m tired of hearing about the skills gap. I have a Porsche gap. There aren’t enough Porsches available for me to buy at the price I prefer to pay. Nobody tweets #PorscheGap. Nobody cares what I…


Hot Under the Blue Collar, Ep. 10

HUTBC #10 for PD

I just glanced down at the cracked screen on my ancient iPhone, and beheld the most sarcastic headline in the history of modern journalism. COLLEGE WON’T TRAIN YOU FOR A JOB, AND THAT’S JUST FINE Then, I read the article beneath it, and quickly realized the headline is not sarcastic at all. In fact, the…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Episode #7

HUTBC - 7 for PD

As you might imagine, given the recent activity on my humble page, there’s been lots of chatter about opportunities for women in skilled labor. Most people realize that women have been historically discouraged and unfairly excluded from many of these careers, but I’m hopeful that people will start to see just how dramatically that’s been…


Hot Under the Blue Collar #5 – Work Smart AND Hard

PD Mike Rowe Chuck Klausmeyer HUTBC

I just read this letter and threw up in my mouth bit. Care to join me? Dear Mike My son, Spencer, decided to apply for the High Voltage Lineman program at Arkansas State University Newport. He went through the interviews just fine, applied and was accepted. We also applied for the full tuition scholarship that…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Part 4

pd hutbc ep 4

So that article on Forbes started quite a few conversations, none of which I can participate in at the moment.  One of the more vociferous exchanges concerned the likelihood of a skilled tradesperson making six-figures. I maintain that such an individual, properly trained and armed with a modest amount of ambition and the willingness to…


Hot Under The Blue Collar, Part 3

PD HUTBC part 3

Eric Schenck writes… Mike – You know, I’m completely with you when it comes to removing the stigma attached to blue collar jobs But it seems to me that you’re pushing a negative stigma of college education. Scroll through the comments here and look at how many folks are dismissive and downright hostile to the…