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Hot Under The Blue Collar, Part 4

pd hutbc ep 4

So that article on Forbes started quite a few conversations, none of which I can participate in at the moment.  One of the more vociferous exchanges concerned the likelihood of a skilled tradesperson making six-figures. I maintain that such an individual, properly trained and armed with a modest amount of ambition and the willingness to…


FORBES: The Dirtiest Man On TV Dispels 5 Damaging Myths About Blue Collar Labor

Forbes article - Mike Rowe for PD

A Quick Favor Once a week, I try to highlight an example of how the media makes work into the enemy, either by vilifying particular jobs outright, or minimizing the importance of things like ambition and work ethic. Sadly, there’s no shortage of such dreck, and I appreciate that many of you are posting the…


Forbes: Is ‘Follow Your Passion’ A Good Idea Or Dumb Advice?

Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan writes about and explores the future of work and collaboration. We’ve long heard the platitude of “follow your passion” when considering a career choice, but is this really the best advice? Should we really be following our passion? I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe (the host of Dirty Jobs) because…