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Trump Bathrobe Auction ~ Thanks Angela!

mike rowe - trump robe

For those of you with better things to do than watch a four-minute video of me thanking Angela Phillips for bidding $15,575.00 for Donald Trump’s autographed bathrobe, please take a fraction of a second to read the following sentence, written with all the genuine sincerity I can muster. Thanks, Angela. 100% of Angela’s money goes…


“A Most Unusual Announcement Guaranteed to Help Close America’s Skills Gap and Horrify Half the Country.”

Trump robe for PD

I’m very pleased to announce that mikeroweWORKS is about to award over $600,000 in work ethic scholarships. This is our biggest, one-time allotment ever, and it makes me very proud. In all, we have selected 151 recipients. I want to congratulate each of them, and thank everyone who applied. Secondly, I want to thank this…