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C.R.A.P. from Bering Sea Gold

Thumbnail - BSG Mike Rowe CRAP

C.R.A.P. (Collectibles Rare And Precious) Fed Ex just dropped off a vial of 24K gold, sucked off the bottom of The Bering Sea by none other than Mr. Gold himself, Shawn Pomrenke. The proof is in the attached video, as well as E-Bay, where the bidding is fast and furious. Disclaimers: The display was assembled…


An Unexpected Easter greeting from Bering Sea Gold’s Shawn Pomrenke

BSG - pd thumbnail

Here’s an unexpected Easter greeting from Shawn Pomrenke – a guy I’ve never met but whose name I utter several times a week. Shawn makes his living in Nome Alaska, mining for gold on the bottom of the Bering Sea. If you’ve watched Bering Sea Gold you’ve seen him do things that would cause most…