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DC Velocity: Workforce warrior

A42B2120 - Pilgrim

By Mitch Mac Donald Think of TV personality Mike Rowe, and a certain image inevitably comes to mind: a trim middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap, blue jeans, and a big grin on his face—all splotched with dirt, mud, or a combination thereof. That untidy but cheerful image arises from Rowe’s best-known role, as creator…


G.I. Money: Beyond Dirty Jobs

    Mike talks to Tamar Alexia Fleishman of G.I. Money about “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, mikeroweWORKS, and life after Dirty Job. Read the complete article – HERE.                  


Dirty Jobs an Examination of Vocational Happiness

OTW - DJ Vocational Happiness

OFF THE WALL This weekend, The Science Channel, (The Science Channel?) ran a marathon of old Dirty Jobs. This resulted in hundreds of questions on My Wall, including this excellent query from Edward Dracht, which seems well suited for Labor Day Weekend. “Mike, why don’t you tell us how much the guys make doing those…


A Pithy Valentine to the Stuff that really Matters

OTW Pity Valentine to the stuff that really matters

OFF THE WALL I sat down a few minutes ago to write something whimsical and amusing about Valentines Day, but got distracted by the rich tapestry of random musings filling my wall. This one jumped out. It’s not so much whimsical or amusing, but it made feel good about our efforts with mikeroweWORKS. On the…


Fond du Lac Reporter: Celebrate American Work Ethic

PD fdreporter Mike Rowe  American Work Ethic

Fond du Lac Reporter by Colleen Kottke, Action Reporter Media As a child, Mike Rowe believed his grandfather — a laborer with an eighth-grade education — was a magician who could build a house without a blueprint and repair anything that needed fixing. “My granddad was heroic in his day because of what he could…


Popular Science: Lessons about Labors No One Wants

How To Take Pride In A Shark Autopsy, And Other Lessons From Mike Rowe The former “Dirty Jobs” host has had his share of gross experiences in the workforce By Popular Science Staff This article was originally published in the February 2015 issue of Popular Science, as part of our Top 10 Worst Jobs In…