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Men’s Health: Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

Mike Rowe Men's Health Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

Over the years Mike has tried some Dirty Jobs, built a website to support the skilled trades and soon you will be able to watch him on CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It. All of these themes are connected in many ways and Mike shared his ideas with Josh Dean for this Men’s Health article. View the…


CNN Piers Morgan – Mike sings Opera and talks about being unemployed


Mike covers a lot of ground during his time with Piers Morgan. He sings, he announces, and he talks about the end of the Dirty Jobs and Ford era. For the first time in his adult life, the man that preaches a good day’s work, is unemployed. “You know, it’s odd,” said Mike Rowe, joining…


CNN Newsroom – Mike under fire for Walmart ad


CNN’s Don Lemon talks with Mike about his decision to make the Walmart ad and his new book Profoundly Disconnected. CNN


CNN New Day – Mike doesn’t regret Walmart ad


Mike doesn’t feel he needs to defend Walmart but he does want to promote jobs, the skilled trades, and bringing back manufacturing to America. “Dirty Jobs” Host Defends Walmart Ad “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is known for being an advocate for the working class, but critics are slamming him for narrating a new Walmart…


CNN Viewer Has Questions


Mike appeared on Piers Morgan’s show on October 30 and a viewer had some questions for Mike.   Read his response here. Today’s question comes from Jennifer Bailey. Jennifer posted over at CNN.com, but I’m answering here because … well, because I need more room. JB: While Mike makes a valid point I have a few…


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