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Real-Life Tradesmen ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’

mike rowe - tradesmen - white t-shirts

Many of your were no doubt expecting another post from me today, reminding you for the umpteenth time to watch the season premiere of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, tonight at 9pm on CNN. Well, think again. There’s more to life than watching television, even when it’s wildly entertaining, profoundly compelling, and potentially life-changing. Instead, I’d…


Dairy Strong 2015

PD Dairy Strong 2015

Wisconsin Ag Connection Mike Rowe, Gov. Walker to Speak at Dairy Strong Conference Calling it the state’s next biggest dairy producer gathering to World Dairy Expo, the Dairy Business Association is kicking off it’s inaugural ‘Dairy Strong’ conference at the Monona Terrace in Madison next week. The January 13-15 forum will include keynote speeches from…


Are Millennials Lazy?

Are Millennials Lazy - Mike Rowe

  Millennials might be an easy target and Mike might be weary of most generalizations but he offers his thoughts here on the younger generation of workers. CNN.com


How Do You Avoid College Debt?

How Do You Avoid College Debt - Mike Rowe

  Mike says to take the alternative route and avoid college debt. Watch him explain… CNN.com


C.R.A.P. is Back! (Sort of)

Chris Cuomo watch

As some of you know, I sell the crap in my garage to raise money for mikeroweWORKS. I’ve been negligent of late, not due to a dearth of C.R.A.P., (Collectibles, Rare And Precious,) but rather, a lack of time. By the end of the year, I hope to resurrect my weekly offerings, and reinvigorate the…


Mike Talks about the Value of Learning a Skilled Trade

Career Advice by Mike Rowe

Mike opens up on pay, public office and the ‘skills gap’ “I’d love to see every hard worker paid handsomely, including teachers.” ~ Mike Rowe (CNN) — Between Mike Rowe’s television work and his philanthropic efforts with the Mike Rowe Works Foundation, Rowe holds true to one central passion: tipping his hat to those who…