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Zachary Greenwood Living the S.W.E.A.T. Pledge & Making mrW Proud

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Today’s scholarship recipient profile came about in a most unusual way… Last week at the office we got a package from Seattle. The box contained surplus merchandise that hadn’t been sold during the Dirty Talk with Mike Rowe performance last month. Among the hats, posters, and totes there was an envelope addressed to Mike Rowe….


My Path through the Skilled Trades

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We received this letter from Caterpillar employee Steve Dougherty. Mr. Rowe, I’m sitting in a hotel room right now after a week of impressively intense work at a few customer sites near Gillette Wyoming. I’m not from Wyoming, in fact this is the first time I’ve ever been here. I grew up in a small…


Glenn Beck Radio – The Incredible History that Built America

Mike on Glenn Beck Radio - Dec 3 2014

Glenn interviewed Mike Rowe on radio about the upcoming special tomorrow night at 8pm only on TheBlaze called Building America, presented by Caterpillar. Mike chronicles the major engineering and infrastructure feats that began rapidly rising in the 1800’s that eventually formed the foundation America currently operates on. As with many of the Mike Rowe conversations,…