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Brent’s Ready for the Challenges Ahead

Brent Stewart

Ready for the Challenges Ahead There are many different paths one can take and a lot of people take the easy ones. But then there are those who strive for something more. Brent Stewart is one of those people. As a Cat dealer tech in a remote part of Canada, Brent faces daily challenges of…


Not All Knowledge Comes From College – Just Ask Vilmar


Not All Knowledge Comes From College – Just Ask Vilmar For some people, a four-year college might be the right path to take after high school. But the truth is there are lots of “right paths” you can take – you just have to be smart enough to find them. Take Vilmar Ramirez for instance….


Dubiski Career High School & Holt Cat doing their part to Close the Skills Gap

mike rowe holt cat dubiski career high school - small

Spent yesterday in Grand Prairie Texas, just outside Dallas. There’s a trade school there called Dubiski. They train kids for jobs that actually exist, and they are without question one of the best facilities I’ve ever seen. Nearby, there’s a Cat Dealership called Holt. As many of you know, Cat has supported my efforts with…


Mike’s Serendipitous Interview

Mike Rowe & WFAA Daivd Schechter

Wordsmith Mike conveys the heart of why trade schools matter  AND impresses  News8 WFAA’s David Schechter with his enormous vocabulary. View Mike’s informal interview here and have your dictionary ready. Be sure to also check out the article about Luis Flores – Doing what you Love, for Fun and Profit and how he is making…


Doing what you Love, for Fun and Profit

Luis Flores - Holt Cant Engine Tech

Imagine being 20 years old and working at a job that you love and making good money at it. Luis doesn’t have to imagine – he is living his dream.  Mike discusses with WFAA reporter  David Schechter about the importance of students connecting with the right educator and school to help build their career in…


Get a Cat Job


Dear Mike Rowe, Hello!  My name is Adam Crist and I am 24 years old. I have grown up in a good hardworking family from a little town of Savannah, Ohio, right outside of Ashland, Ohio.  We are midway from Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.  I was raised where you need God, family, and hard work….