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Robby Totten – Past Work Ethic Scholarship Winner is on his way to being Mr. Fix It

Robby Totten for PD

If anyone fits the old adage, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” it’s Robby Totten. As far back as he can remember, Robby knew he wanted to be a heavy equipment operator. It makes sense when you consider his dad worked as one for the town of…


Cat Dealer Technicians: The opportunities are endless

Mashup - Thumbnail CAT

  Don’t just make a career choice—choose a choice career. As a Cat dealer tech you can work all around the world, earn a great wage and have opportunities for advancement. And it all comes with working on the biggest, toughest and most technologically advanced machines in the world. Do you have a vision for…



Darrell - thumbnail CAT

Darrell Mostella is a Level 6 technician at HOLT CAT in Texas. His story begins like many stories – Darrell worked on cars with his dad, he worked at a few mechanic jobs, but never felt like he had a true career. He wasn’t sure how to find it, all he knew was college wasn’t…


This Dream Job Can Really Take You Places

Chris Thomsen

There are lots of life philosophies out there. But one that’s been proven true over and over is a simple one: the more you put in, the more you get back. It’s true in life and it’s especially true in work. Just ask Chris Thomsen. When Chris first started as a Cat dealer tech, he…




A VISION FOR YOUR SUCCESS Are you searching for your path to success? But what if that path was right in front of you and you didn’t even recognize it? Diego Santos recognized his path and he took it. Today he is living proof that if you have drive and determination, you can make it…


If You Play Your Cards Right, Work could be Paradise (and vice versa)


Hawaii is paradise. Isolated from the rest of the world and filled with rugged beauty, it’s a place where people come to relax, explore and discover all year round. And for the workers whose job it is to keep paradise running, Hawaii’s treasures come at a cost of sweat, know how and dedication. This is…