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Lauren Moreno ~ Hands On and Book Smart

Lauren Moreno - PD

Lauren Moreno grew up in a household with nothing but females. There was her mother and two older sisters, Erin and Alex. Lauren discovered early-on that she liked to work with her hands. This was welcomed by Erin and Alex, who were happy to pass off the “hands on” chores to her. Lauren mowed the…


Michael McCrain mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient – Future Auto Shop Owner


Michael McCrain just plain loves cars. It started when he was 7 years old. Many hours were spent sitting in his grandfather’s driveway watching Pop-Pop and his Uncle Jamie work on cars. They would fix their own cars, friends’ cars, and neighbors’ cars. Mike would watch, ask questions, and sometimes help – mostly by handing…


Aaron Wilson – from Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient to Automotive Technician

AAron Wilson for PD

Aaron Wilson received a Work Ethic Scholarship from the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, and this is his story. Like most kids in New Freedom, Pennsylvania, Aaron liked Legos, but not the simple colored bricks. No, he was drawn to the gears, axle-pins, and ball-joints of the technic sets. He loved anything mechanical. Mostly because he wanted to…


Casey Kitts – Past mrW Scholarship Recipient on the Road to Success

Casey Kitts for PD

Casey Kitts is the youngest of three brothers. That made him the baby of the family, which had its perks. Often though, it was a burden. As the youngest, Casey was the least likely to be believed, and his brothers took advantage of that, usually by telling Casey to do things they knew he’d get…