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For inquiries regarding the 2017 Work Ethic Scholarship Program, email info@mikeroweworks.com.


Ahmed, Daniyal
Barciszewski, Tyler
Bartlett, Griffin
Bartrum, Jesse
Benchek, Matthew
Benjamin, Cameron
Bennett, Robert
Blalock, Kyle
Blue, Kristen
Bouland, Ryan
Boxley, Hunter
Cappola, Nicholas
Chartier, Jackson
Chase, Kimberly
Childs, Parker
Cline, Kelly
Cloutier, Dylan
Cook, Noah
Cooney, Tony
Davis, Jarod
Devito, John
Dodd, Tyler
Driever, Thad
Eichler, Robert
Emens, Nick
Etienne, Nicholas
Fleurissaint, Mario
French, Elizabeth
Funke, Eric

Gamez, Michael
Gardner, Shawn
Gerges, Matthew
Gonzalez, David
Goodson, John
Grana, Ian
Granda, Joshua
Hartley, Dakota
Horner, Elena
Hughes, Neal
Hupp, Joshua
Jackson, Antoinette
Jackson, Stephen
Jaeger, Jack
Kanakry, Kyle
Kaznicki, Adam
Kelley, Aaron
Kimble, Mitchell
Kinsey, Jeffrey
Kittock, Owen
Klein, Zachary
Knight, Michael
Koch, Dalton
Kovacevich, Eric
Kratzer, David
Kujath, Bennett
Lachance, Rodney
Lellock, Casey
Lindemuth, Ian

Little, Ivan
Macomber, Kyle
Mcconnell, Nicole
Mcdonald, Darrien
Merkey, Zachary
Mifsud, Angelo
Miller, Christian
Miller, Jeffrey
Mills, Ryan
Moreno, Lauren
Mueller, Joshua
Neubauer, Dane
Parker, Ulysses
Parmeley, Joseph
Philpot, Chad
Prospero, Cole
Randler, Casey
Redd, Brandon
Redman, Mitchell
Regnier, Cole
Rooks, Samuel
Rumancik, Codi
Saddler, Stockton
Sago, Armando
Samuel, Kevin
Sanborn, Jarrod
Schaffner Iii, Reynard
Seilheimer, Timothy
Sheets, Litonda
Shepherd, Zachery
Shippa, Gregory
Small, Benjamin
Smith, Austin
Smith, Caleb
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Jearl
Smoter, Devyn
Soule, Killian
Spurling, Erik
Steiner, Jacob
Tedesco, Anthony
Van Tassel, Kyle
Vanschoick, Taylor
Verkon, Steven
Villanueva, Abraham
Vrooman, Eric
Walhof, Jordan
Ward, Richard
Warren, Carl
Weaver, Kent
Welsh, Courtney
Wilkerson, Derek
Williams, Kaitlin
Williams, Nicholas
Winegard, Corey
Wood, Kamren
Yingling, Shaden
Zdroik, Daniel
Zee, Lexie
Zucco, Keoni


Koch Logo for MRWF Scholarship Webpage
Of the 60,000 Americans who work at Koch companies, many earn their living through skilled trades. By supporting the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation hope to promote greater opportunities for men and women who want to improve their lives by developing their skills.
Congratulations to Aaron and all the mikeroweWORKS/Universal Technical Institute scholarship recipients for pursuing their dreams! Aaron ultimately graduated from NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC, in November 2015. He is currently part of the Mercedes-Benz DRIVE program and plans to work at a Mercedes-Benz dealership after graduation in April 2016.
As a global manufacturer of premium OEM and aftermarket automotive parts, Federal-Mogul Motorparts relies on well-trained automotive service technicians, as well as skilled trade workers in critical roles such as manufacturing, distribution and quality control across America and around the world. We’re proud to support the mikeroweWORKS Foundation’s Work Ethic Scholarship.
Shaun is one of the successful technicians at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. In this video, he dishes on what it takes to make a solid living as an HVAC technician – and just how lucrative it can be! For information on careers in the trades and opportunities with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, visit FindSkilledJobs.com.
In this video, you’ll meet Leroy, former retiree and now one of the proud plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®. Watch as he gives Mike his opinion on how to get what you want out of life. For information on careers in the trades and job opportunities with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, visit FindSkilledJobs.com.
Scott is one of the hard working technicians at Mister Sparky®. Listen to his thoughts on why he loves being an electrician (Teaser! One of the reasons is a great feeling of accomplishment). For more information on careers in the skilled trades and job opportunities with Mister Sparky, visit FindSkilledJobs.com.