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Real-Life Tradesmen ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’

mike rowe - real tradesmenMany of your were no doubt expecting another post from me today, reminding you for the umpteenth time to watch the season premiere of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, tonight at 9pm on CNN. Well, think again. There’s more to life than watching television, even when it’s wildly entertaining, profoundly compelling, and potentially life-changing. Instead, I’d like to tell you about the one-hundred thousand dollars that I just learned was pledged to The mikeroweWORKS Foundation by some very nice people at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky, and One-Hour Heating and Air.

A few weeks ago, I shot some commercials with some real-life tradesmen, who turned out to be as good on camera as they are with a wrench. A few are pictured here. They all work for the aforementioned companies, and they all represent their chosen industries with more credibility than any professional spokesman could ever hope to, including me. They also, inexplicably, wear the same tee-shirts, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, these guys shared the spotlight with your’s truly, and together, we created some fun spots that will quite possibly interrupt your regularly scheduled programs. Like say for instance, Somebody’s Gotta Do It, tonight at 9 on CNN. But again – that’s not germane. What matters, is that another genuine partnership has evolved out of a shared concern that’s well-known to those of you who keep current with mikeroweWORKS – closing the skills gap.

Currently, the many hundreds of franchisees that comprise Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky, and One-Hour Heating and Air Conditioning are looking to hire about 2,000 qualified technicians. Specifically, they’re looking for electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals. As we’ve seen time and time again, all of these trades offer more than a job and a shot at a six-figure salary; they offer a long-term career that can easily evolve into a small business. The fact that so few people are currently trained to do the available work is something close to a crime, and the fact that more people aren’t lining up to get the necessary training is preposterous. I’m pleased to help spread the word about these and other opportunities available within these specific companies. I’m also pleased to use their generous donation for the express purpose of training more people for jobs that actually exist. And I’m doubly pleased to participate in an ad campaign that puts real technicians – not actors – front and center. Perhaps that kind of authenticity will help reinvigorate the trades, and inspire more people to master a useful skill. I sure hope so.

Anyway, something to think about if you or someone you know might be interested in a new career. Feel free to discuss this and other important matters while watching the premiere of Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Tonight, hopefully, at 9pm Eastern.


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