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Pride and a Paycheck – “Flight Feathers”

Pride and a Paycheck is a newsletter for tradeswomen by tradeswomen. In addition to articles each edition also has information about training, employment, apprenticeships and more.


By Leslie Gill

I had done it to myself.

I know I hadn’t had enough training. I knew that it would be harder for me than for other apprentices (males), especially the sons who had been born into the trade.

I had been offered a spot in the Northern California Carpenter’s Training Center. A contractor wanted to sponsor a woman so I’d be able to skip the waiting list, but I had turned it down to stay in the Adult School pre-apprentice class I was already enrolled in. See, if I had quit, the boys in the class would have lost their eligibility to join the union. – -

Check out the latest edition of Pride and a Paycheck to read the rest of Leslie Gill’s article.  You will be impressed by her tenacity and wisdom.  Don’t forget to look for past editions for some great articles and information too!