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Owen Kittock

Owen Kittock – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

Owen KittockShout out to 2016 mikeroweWORKS Work Ethic Scholarship recipient, Owen Kittock!

Owen learned the importance of work ethic growing up on a 100 acre hay farm. His dad put him to work at a young age and showed him the value of hard work. Together, they would run tractors and make hay. It was here Owen discovered he had a knack for something useful.

“Everything on a farm can and will break down,” Owen told me. “I enjoy taking things apart and fixing them.”Owen Kittock - 2

When he was just 10 years old, he started a new hobby– buying, repairing, and selling tractors. As soon as he got his driver’s license, he started doing the same thing with automobiles.
Since then, Owen has flipped more than a dozen tractors and two dozen cars. He was given the nickname “Skittles” by a local retailer because of all the different colored tractors and cars he has owned. Keep in mind, Owen is only 19 years old.

After graduating high school, Owen enrolled at North Dakota State College of Science and started an internship with an equipment company. Owen is currently in his second year at NDSCS and expects to graduate in the spring of 2018. One day, he hopes to own his very own repair shop. We’re all pulling for you, Owen!


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