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mrW/MTI 2014 Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Joshua Shaw

mrWF-MTI Joshua ShawThis interview comes in the form of Joshua Shaw, a HVAC student at the Horn Lake campus of MTI’s sister school, Delta Technical College, and for whom the connection between a student and instructor plays a large role in determining whether a student will struggle or succeed.

A graduate of Charleston High School in Charleston, Miss. with a family history in the HVAC field, the ability to work closely with Delta Tech’s instructors and forge meaningful, productive relationships with them is what drew Joshua to Delta Tech following a high school class trip to the Horn Lake campus.

While it may be premature to say the rest is history, it’s safe to say Joshua has taken the reigns of his workforce training and is already looking ahead to what comes after graduation.

Delta Technical College: How did you discover Delta Tech and what made you want to attend?

Joshua Shaw: My high school class took a trip to tour Delta Tech in Southaven. The reason I decided to attend that college were the teachers. I think the teachers are what make a school enjoyable to go to. The career I wanted to study was HVAC and each one of the teachers in that class seemed so good to be around. They always have a smile and a great attitude every day. I think that Delta Tech has a real good working environment.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

I haven’t really had any major challenges so far. Our instructors have been beside my fellow classmates and me every step of the way with what they’ve instructed us to do and what they’ve been teaching. They never let anybody leave the school feeling confused about anything we’ve covered. My instructors make sure everybody is at the same stage in their learning. They do not let anybody fall behind on whatever we’re working on.

What has been your greatest achievement thus far?
My greatest achievement at Delta Tech so far is all of the knowledge and information about HVAC that my instructors have provided. They not only teach us about how everything works, but they also tell us how everything originated.

Describe the process of applying for the mrWF/Delta Tech Scholarship. How did you choose what to include in your essay and video?

The first thing that I had to do was to write a 500 word essay stating what I wanted to do as a career and why. I have family members who work in HVAC and I mentioned how winning one of the scholarships would help my family financially. All of the essay winners then had to submit a video on Facebook saying why they deserved the Mike Rowe scholarship. I was the fourth and final person to receive a Mike Rowe scholarship in the technical program.

What did it feel like when you found out you’d won a scholarship?

The weeks leading up to the voting deadline were very stressful for me because the votes kept changing. Of course, I wanted to be in the top seven, and I was so excited and relieved when I found out I had won.

While it may be early in your training, have you given much thought to your future and what you might like to do after graduation?

After I graduate from Delta Tech, I want to be an apprentice for a couple of years and then eventually start my own business.