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mrWF UTI Scholarship Winner Aaron Mullinax

mrWF/UTI Scholarship Winner Aaron Mullinax Ready to Pursue a NASCAR Tech Career

Scholarship winner Aaron Mullinax has a passion for cars and is set to start this fall at Universal Technical Institute in their NASCAR technician program.  All the best to all the mrWF/UTI scholarship winners, each recipient won a full ride to UTI to study in their chosen field.
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August 10, 2014

An Albemarle High School graduate is heading off to college in September to pursue his passion for cars. He won a full ride scholarship to the Universal Technical Institute in North Carolina, which trains NASCAR technicians.

Aaron Mullinax used social media to promote the video he made in hopes of landing a mikeroweWORKS Foundation Scholarship. His YouTube video was posted on the Universal Technical Institute’s Facebook page, where friends and supporters could ‘like’ the video to vote for him.

Mullinax graduated from Albemarle High School in June with every intention of taking a year off from school to work as a mechanic. Now, thanks to a $30,000 scholarship, he’s heading off to school in September.

Mullinax won the mikeroweWORKS Scholarship by making a YouTube video that friends and supporters could vote for on Facebook.

He separated the concepts of ‘deserving’ and ‘earning’, and people noticed. “I put in a lot of hard work to get to where I am, I am an eagle scout, so through building of leadership through that and just working on cars, and making sure I take steps to improve my education instead of just having things be handed to me. Deserve really has a sense of entitlement to it, like I just should be given this, but I didn’t feel like that…I definitely worked hard for it, and I felt like that needed to be accounted for,” said Mullinax.

As a scholarship winner, Mullinax got to choose which Universal Technical Institute to attend. There are many across the country.

He will start school in September, at the NASCAR Technical Institute in North Carolina to obtain certifications so he can work on brand specific cars. Mullinax hopes to get into the Ford program.

His boss at Colonial Auto, Tom Sojka says, that puts Mullinax at an advantage to get a job. “I think in reality, this probably places him about 4 years ahead of most entry-level technicians starting out,” he stated.

The mikeroweWORKS Foundation will pay for nearly all of his educational costs. The 15 month program in North Carolina runs a little more than $35,000.

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