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Mary Sullivan, CAT Nort SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA: mikeroweWORKS Foundation Visits a SkillsUSA Chapter

Officers-with-Mary-Sullivan1-1024x680SkillsUSA changes lives and helps recent graduates advance quickly in a career, a former member told supporter Mike Rowe recently.

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, SkillsUSA conducted a school tour for Mary Sullivan, president of the mikeroweWORKS foundation, at the Center for Applied Technology North in Severn, Md. While there, Sullivan briefly met Jacqueline Mearman, a 26-year-old graduate who was doing a demonstration in the culinary program. The encounter led to a meeting with RJackqueline-with-Mike-Rowe-e1449503772575-225x300owe himself two days later at the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore. Mearman spent an hour with Rowe and Sullivan, explaining what it meant to belong to her first professional association and how SkillsUSA helped advance her career.

As she told Rowe, “I would absolutely not be the same person without SkillsUSA. I wouldn’t have the compassion for others. I wouldn’t have the ability to be part of a team. I wouldn’t be able to be a strong public speaker and leader. I wouldn’t be in a position in my career that most people reach in their late 30s at only 26. I would have missed out on so many things as a young adult without the courage and strength I gained at every conference I ever attended.”

A junior pastry sous chef at the hotel, Mearman has a strong family connection to SkillsUSA. Her mother teaches network systems administration at CAT North, and her sister was also a SkillsUSA member. Mearman is also a grMike-with-Cookie-e1449503782104-225x300aduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.
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