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Thank You from 2014 mrWF Scholarship Recipient Jon Block

mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship recipient Jon Block is on the road to becoming a Diesel Mechanic Tech and he was nice enough to send us this thank you.

Jon Block TY

Jon Block mrWF photoHere is an excerpt from the essay he wrote to us when he applied for the scholarship.

I have chosen to pursue a career in the diesel mechanic industry for several reasons. The first reason is that I like to work with engines. My Dad has always told me that I am a motor head. When he talks to people about me, his favorite saying is “if it has a steering wheel and a motor, Jon will be all over it.” I plan to attain my commercial driver’s license during the upcoming months. My Mom figures that if I want to drive trucks, I should be able to work on them as well.

The second reason is that I like the agricultural industry and have been involved in agriculture my whole life. I have not lived on a farm, but have worked as a farm hand for as long as I can remember. I have participated in 4-H for the past ten years and have had the opportunity to show swine at our local fair.

I notice that no matter what type of agricultural area I work in, I find a feeling of satisfaction that I have accomplished a job well done. I find pride working in areas that help others, such as the dairy industry and plowing snow; which I have done for the past four years for small businesses in the community along with some resident’s homes, and as I gain the knowledge, in the diesel mechanic industry.

Jon embodies what the Work Ethic Scholarship is all about – he has the interest, the drive, and obviously the work ethic. We wish him all the best and Jon, you are very welcome!