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Mike’s New Show Coming to CNN!

MikeCNNThanksMike announced his new show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” which will air on CNN the fall 2014. The show “brings viewers face-to-face with men and women who march to the beat of a different drum. In each episode, Rowe visits unique individuals and joins them in their respective undertakings, paying tribute to innovators, do-gooders, entrepreneurs, collectors, fanatics–people who simply have to do it. This show is about passion, purpose, and occasionally, hobbies that get a little out of hand.”

Mike mentioned in his post to Facebook this morning that of all the networks he talked to about Somebody’s Gotta Do It, “no one talked about a commitment to unscripted content and point-of-view programming with more passion than CNN. This is where Somebody’s Gotta Do It belongs.”

For more of what Mike has to say about all of this check out his post on mikerowe.com

  • Fred Walling

    When I grow up I want to be Mike, unfortunately he’s only a couple of years older so I guess I will choose not to grow up just get older! Have a great… Greater life Mike, and I will continue to live vicariously through you.
    Thanks again,
    Inspector Fred Walling

  • Nicole Caine Tanata

    yeah Mike, love what you do w/ this foundation and miss dirty jobs. I’m from one of the fastest growing states..ND. In 4 yrs my son want so be a carpenter when he finishes HS. He’s a hands on kind of kid. Take care. Nicole.

  • Chris

    I am looking forward to this show.

  • †ƒµçk §ay 1ø† ಠ_ಠ

    I am so gonna watch each of every episodes of this when it comes out..

  • Kim

    Mike … Even after watching just 1 episode of Dirty jobs- your viewers have observed that you are willing to get in there and get dirty (no matter what the job – which by the way is great role modeling for the rest of us who think our jobs are “hard”). You work reeeeeally hard, face scary situations, and risk much to make a living and to demonstrate how hard it is to do the real hard work out there…(rare among americans), you are very funny, maintain a sense of humor in the most disgusting, difficult situations. It reminds us to have a sense of humor on our own jobs… no matter how difficult, disgusting, or depressing they may be. The people out there who do dirty jobs are somewhat inspirational- alot of them seem to take their difficult disgusting jobs in stride. I’ve learned to reeeeally appreciate my job more – by watching you and the dirty job experts out there- work your a**es off in disgusting, dangerous jobs. I really enjoy your intelligent (great vocabulary! and have insightful questions & commentaries on whatever you are doing at the moment (you’ve made it fun, funny and interesting to learn about various dirty jobs out there); your down to earth- straight talking approach is refreshing! (yup! refreshing! -even in the must of bad smells, and disgusting visuals!). You have been very hard working, athletic, brave, and humble – doing all those dirty jobs, and treating the people who do those jobs with respect. For any marketing/management folks reading this- Mike has the “it” factor as well. His “broadcast quality” voice is engaging, he’s a hunk, and a man’s man too(tough and gutsy), and with all of his other qualities (already mentioned) both men, women and kids love watching and listening to him. He’s got heart and soul. So with all those traits- Whatever you choose to do Mike… we’ll be watching and listening. Praying for your safety, health and that God uses you to continue to teach us, make us laugh and to be straight forward in all we do. We are looking forward to your new show!

    • Stephanie

      Wonderfully said. We are a homeschooling family and Mike’s shows have been a wonderful way to emphasize his moto, “Work smarter and harder” and for them to use their imagination and then there is no limit to what they can and will be able to achieve in life and to always have faith in the Lord.

  • Donna Jeanne Frost

    HI Mike, I have a friend that is a rodeo clown. Very dangers job but “Somebody s Gotta Do It”. Think about it ?? Might be one you can use for your show ? Love ya

  • Donna Jeanne Frost

    Mike, I told Waylon Spencer the Rodeo Clown about sending you a post about him; he wrote back “Thank you so much. How do I follow up on it? Please feel free to give him my name and number” Once again thank you” How can he follow up on this? Do you want his Phone number? Thank you, Love ya

  • Greg Cook

    Mike, I want to work on your crew!

  • Lynsey Lawrence Wadley


    Mikey Mikeee, how’r ya doin!
    Sent an email to info@mikeroweworks.com hope to hear back! Not sure if anyone enjoys to eat fresh fish such as Tilapia aka Nile Perch or catfish but, someone has to harvest them for consumption! This is another world that nobody hardly knows about but, it’s an awesome industry! Lynsey

    – Lynsey

  • Pat Engness

    So when is the episode from Los Bagels in Arcata, CA being aired on the Pacific coast?

  • jake

    Hi Mike,
    I’m a retired stagehand after 22 years. I think most people don’t know how hard of a job it is being a stagehand. I don’t think a lot of people even know what a stagehand is.
    I’d like to see you get on a crew of a large show or concert and work for a day. From load in to load out.
    Someone has to do it.