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Mike's Got Something to Say About Military

Mike’s Got Something to Say About the Military

You want to know what gets Mike riled? It is finding out that the unemployment rate for returning GI’s is nearly three times that of the national average. It is criminal, especially when the reason has nothing to do with training or experience. In fact, returning GI’s are more than qualified to work, especially in the trades.

The problem has to do with little to no “reverse assimilation” into the private sector, and a huge disconnect with respect to the expectations of the average HR Manager, who often sees these candidates as members of an “alien culture.”

Listen to Mike discuss a conversation he had with a retired Major General from The US Marine Corps named Mike Myatt. General Myatt currently oversees The Marine Corps Memorial in San Francisco, and is best known for liberating Kuwait back in 1991.

  • http://ethan.liberty.me/?ref=ethanglover-832 Ethan Glover

    You can’t just say something is bad and give no consideration for reason. I’m a veteran myself and laziness in the military is rampant, the feeling of entitlement, and the inability to handle the free market properly is all fair reason for employers to choose other people over us. Yes, unemployment in general should not be as high as it is, but always look for a reason.

    There’s so much talk about “we should do something” but never any understanding as to why there is a problem in the first place. More often than not it is because “something” was already done and it destroyed lives. I’m a veteran in my mid-20′s, I’m in about the worse possible position statistically. But I do alright. You know why? Because I don’t look to others to the whole country to solve my problems for me. I look for the why, I look for the solutions to why, and I look for people whom I can help and cooperate with in a business. Looking to the “we” or the government must necessarily (seriously, I mean always) harm somebody else.

    (Btw, there IS “reverse boot camp” it’s required for all personnel leaving the military, it’s been that way for a very long time.)

    • Rami Rustom

      This is interesting Ethan. Mike’s reasoning on another subject (the walmart ad controversy) contradicts his reasoning on this subject.


    • Gary Wells

      No where in the Army, at least until 01, were soldiers ever given the entitlement Mentality. Everything we got we earned and then some. Being in your mid 20′s also says you only spent a short time in the military which makes you less than able to speak about all in the military as you have no clue what career service members go through.

      • http://eglove.github.io/ Ethan Glover

        This is also a problem. Veterans who think they’re better than everyone else because they went to the recruiters office, signed a piece of paper and got forced through training and pushed into signing another contract. This kind of mentality, fed by “patriotism” directly into the egos throat is what causes that feeling of superiority and entitlement.

        Many businesses do not want to hire veterans because of what is above, those who do hire veterans do so as an advertising campaign to appeal to that very patriotic arrogance that causes people to think they’re special when they’ve done nothing but harm others.

        The evidence and reality is on my side and I’ll not waste my time arguing with hot headed, obese, entitled, “veterans”. Rant all you like, tell yourself what you want, but you’ll only be talking to a wall.

  • Gary Wells

    Ethan I do not know where you served in the Military but being lazy is not one of the attributes of most service members( at least not in the Army) When I got out in 2001 most of the answers I got was over qualified or not properly trained.

  • Mark Leary

    I have enjoyed your shows for years and have never had the need to question your facts until now. I just finished watching your video “Mike’s got something to say about the military”. In your video you state that Mike Myatt is a “5 Star General” retired from the US Marine Corps. General Myatt retired in 1995 as a Major General. A Major General is only a 2 star general. The Marine Corps has never had a “5 Star General.” Keep up the good work.