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Mike Rowe Receives Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award was established in 1969 to acknowledge Eagle Scouts who have received extraordinary national-level recognition, fame, or eminence within their field, and have a strong record of voluntary service to their community. Only Eagle Scouts who earned the Eagle Scout rank a minimum of 25 years previously are eligible for nomination. The award is given by the National Eagle Scout Association upon the recommendation of a committee of Distinguished Eagle Scouts.

Mike is joined by his parents John & Peggy, his brother Scott,  from the Baltimore Area Council Board Barry Williams who presented Mike his Troop Charter and Ethan Draddy also from the Baltimore Area Council.



Congratulations Mike!

  • Pat Sarvella

    That’s my boy! Congrates. Long distant hugs from Auburn,AL.

  • Dani V

    Congrats Mike!

  • Mandy Laumann-Barranger

    Congrats! But of course , we are proud of ALL of your hard work, service to others and your recognition or awards!!

  • cherryrn

    You Deserve all your success. You are the best example on TV. Bet your family is really proud. You Rock.

  • Tim Strickland

    Congratulations Mike. No one could be more deserving – and no one personifies an Eagle Scout as well as you do. And it’s never gone to your head!!

    (insert joke about hat size here … )

  • Shannon Conley

    All the best to you, Congratulations Michael.

  • Tanya Scallan

    AWESOME ! So happy for you. Much deserved.

  • Karen (BGE_Quilter)

    Mike, Congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award and honor. You are an exemplary Eagle Scout.

  • Clemance

    Congratulations Mike. :)

  • Kay

    You deserve it Mike. Congratulations.

  • Don Walters

    Congratulations on behalf of Troop 16, your troop. The most inportant goal of leadership is leaving a legacy. You put 16 on the map. The most inportant part of being an Eagle is giving back to scouting, what it has given you. Keep it up!

  • Mick Rost

    Mike – Dulaney District continues to be proud of you, and by the way, you rocked at the 2010 Jamboree!

  • Victoria Kraft

    Mike, Congratulations! My Grandson just joined the Boy Scouts and you will be a great example to what can be achieved. You are one of the only great examples we can show our youth and guide them to their full potential. You do it all with such gusto. My family looks forward to all your TV programs. Anything you have on is quality programming and we thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of the world! Live long and proper, Victoria

  • Stephen White

    Congratulations. It was great being there last Friday morning and seeing you receive this award. The boys in my troop are still talking about some pictures that I shared from the morning! Thanks for all you do!

  • david k

    Oh, yeah !!! Make us proud !

  • Ellen

    You are a blessed man. Congrats to you and your family for their support.

  • Jay Frechette

    Congratulations for living up to what an Eagle Scout is. Keep up the good work!!!! Well deserved!!

  • Carol

    A role model that young men can look up to. You are down-to-earth and real. You make a difference. Thank you and CONGRATULATION!

  • Brenda

    Congratulations Mike!

  • Fritz Coombs

    Once an Eagle, always an Eagle! Well deserved Congratulations. You exemplify what its all about.

  • Daniel Blackhorse


    Had no clue you were an eagle scout but it explains a lot now! Good job brother! I am glad to have you in our ranks!

  • Maryan

    What a fantastic accomplishment and an outstanding photo to go along with it! I believe scouts are so honorable, and it is a wonderful achievement. Great job Daniel and great job Brad!

  • E. Nelson

    Mike, Congratulations on the DESA. Especially enjoyed your presentation at the 2010 National Jamboree. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your career. EN

  • Rick Pickering

    Mike – congratulations again! Thank you for showcasing hard working folks who get up every morning & get it done… Look forward to the launch of the Dirt Patrol! Also, thanks for letting me take a picture with you as a fellow DESA recipient from the San Francisco Bay Area. :)

  • Jill

    Hi Mike, I just started watching DJ, then googled you and was so impressed that you won this award. It really hit home with me because my son and I just returned from Romania where he delivered rocking chairs to Romanian orphanages for his Eagle Project. The Boy Scouts are just such an amazing organization. My son will get his Eagle award this fall. Looking forward to wataching many more of your shows! Jill in Dallas

  • kathy gray

    Congratulations Mike1 You are a worthy role model for young men. Keep up the good work.

  • Doug Kronk

    Absolutely Outstanding. Congratulations, Mike, for such outstanding work and volunteerism! An absolutely wonderful role model.

  • Dr. David L. Briscoe


    As a member of the DESA Selection Committee, it was a pleasure to witness your receiving the the award.


    Dr. Briscoe

  • Bill Glover

    Congratulations on your Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. As a brother Eagle Scout from the Baltimore Area Council, I want to thank you for inspiring so many young men to strive for Scouting’s greatest honor. Your appearance at the National Scout Jamboree was GREAT!

  • Robert Cornnell- Eagle Scout 1977

    Congratulations Mike on your honor of being awarded the Distinguished Eagle Award. You are a shining example for youth across this country.

  • Mayson Anderson

    Mike, good job! Its awesome to see how diligent you have been at living the scout oath and law through your life, and how greatly you are being rewarded for it. also, thank you for helping me earn my eagle. you were my role model and one of the main reasons that I wanted to earn it so bad. because i wanted to be able to tell people that i was an eagle, just like Mike Rowe, and thank you for the awesome letter that you sent me!