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Mike offers advice to young entrepreneurs on Glenn Beck Show

Mike returned to the Glenn Beck Show on November 13, 2013 to continue the conversation with a studio audience about having a solid work ethic.

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Glenn Beck & Mike Rowe Offer Free Advice to Young Entrepreneurs – Including ‘Dairy Queen’ Hero Featured on The Blaze!
By Erica Ritz

Glenn Beck and Mike Rowe on Wednesday sat down with young entrepreneurs from across the country for an “ask anything” hour in which they doled out life and career advice. And as a bonus at the end, Rowe wowed the crowd with his vocal skills, singing a few words of his favorite aria.

Among the individuals invited was 19-year-old “Dairy Queen Hero” Joey Prusak of Minnesota, who gave a blind man $20 out of his own pocket after the man had $20 stolen in his Dairy Queen. Another guest was graphic artist Dan McCall, who says the government is trying to silence his humorous political shirts featuring the logo of the NSA.

Beck even revealed what he says is the “secret to success” for 80 percent of people these days: show up, pay attention, and just do what you’re supposed to do. If you do just 5 percent more than that, he said, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a corner office. And if you’re willing to work around the clock to achieve your dreams, he said, you’ll be amazed by how much you can accomplish.

When Prusak asked how he can get to the point where he owns his own business, the two had several pieces of advice for him. First, Rowe asked the young man what he can do to make his boss’ life easier. He said that, as an employer, he knows that such employees become so valued that you’ll do whatever it takes to keep them.

But second, rather than settling on the dream of simply owning a business, Beck said the young man should determine what exactly motivates him, or if he sees a problem that he knows he can fix.

That “problem” could be anything, he said, including creating a better Blizzard for Dairy Queen.

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