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Hamrick - Success Stories

Michael Hamrick 2014 Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient

We received this update from Michael’s proud mom:Hamrick - Success Stories
He completes his Maintenance Electricity & Construction Technology program at Triangle Technical Institute, Erie, PA this Friday, February 6, 2015 ! We are so proud of him and how well he has done. We sincerely appreciate the generosity shown by Mike Rowe, the mikeroweWORKS Foundation , and their special supporters. This has been a really unbelievable blessing and experience for our family. You always read or hear about these awesome experiences that happen – always to other people, whom you’ve never met – but what a privilege to be on the receiving end ourselves. Michael will be graduating with no loan debt for his training. We really can’t thank you enough! May your foundation continue to grow and help others as it has helped us. Marlene Hamrick

Congratulations to Michael and we wish him continued success with his new career!

Original essay submitted to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation with application.
Hamrick essay