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The Dirty Truth


dirty-truth-longThe Dirty Truth™ is an on-going dialogue, news and stories about work attitudes, difficult or obscure jobs and the field of labor and employment that show an interesting perspective and truth – Mike Rowe style.

There’s a lot of Dirty Truths that deserve our attention. For instance, why can’t veterans find a job after they’ve finished their tour of duty; are we really focused on the right way to think about safety at work; let’s consider the environment in a different way and how some people just got to do things to help make our lives better, to name but a few.


You want to know what gets Mike riled up? It is finding out that the unemployment rate for returning GI’s is nearly three times that of the national average. It is criminal, especially when the reason has nothing to do with training or experience. In fact, returning GI’s are more than qualified to work, especially in the trades.  Read the rest of The Dirty Truth.

Here at mikeroweWORKS, we believe that everything was brown before it was green and that’s where people should start. Or so we think anyway. Watch the video and see what the term “Brown Before Green” actually means. What does Brown Before Green mean? Find out The Dirty Truth here.

Mike writes this from his MRW Watercooler days about work not being the enemy “These are all on my refrigerator. In a month or two, they’ll be in this site. They all come from Teddy Roosevelt, who knew a thing or two about trying.” See more at The Dirty Truth is Work is Not The Enemy.