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Reverse Boot Camp

Reverse Boot Camp™ highlights stories and provides information about training programs for veterans and others to retool and learn new skills in order to find jobs.


Defense One states that 12% of the homeless adult population are veterans. The unemployment rate for recent veterans is around 15 percent and remains higher than non-veterans in the same demographic group.

Mike attributes part of the problem to a lack of training for soldiers who are leaving the military. “You’ve got boot camp and basic training, which is 12 to 16 weeks long. We prepare our people for this whole change of culture,” notes Rowe. “But when they come out, there’s no reverse boot camp.”

Mike Rowe Works Hard for Unemployed VetsDaily Finance Logo - Bruce Watson from AOL’s Daily Finance talked to Mike about the issues returning military face when trying to enter the work force again and how a Reverse Boot Camp™ could be beneficial.

Mike’s Got Something to Say About the Military - In this video below Mike tells us about his meeting with a 5 Star General from the Marines who tells him about the challenges vets face finding jobs after they leave the military.

mike-rowe-skydivingRemember Our Soldiers by reading one of Mike’s posts from Facebook where he pays tribute to our soldiers on D Day while helping to promote a worthy cause that helps provide army soldiers with books to read while on duty serving our great country.

Semper Fi Marines & Happy Veterans Day to ALL Who Serve is Mike’s tribute to the Marines on Veterans Day. Mike spends an evening with Marines aged 21 to 95 sharing stories of their valor while trading him for stories of his dirtiest jobs on the Dirty Jobs show. 

Okay fun and games aside we really want to focus on what is most important here. The men and women who serve our country and then come out of active duty are having trouble finding jobs when they get out. The reason why is because there is no “reverse boot camp.” Our Vets who have defended our country come home with no soft skills civilian training and are having a hard time transitioning from daily life in the battlefield to learning how to adapt to civilian life off the battlefield. These men and women are very qualified skilled workers who will be able to adapt easily into hard working employees if they are given the right training to retool and learn soft skills to enter the workforce again. Mike’s message of the need for a Reverse Boot Camp™ for vets can also be a message to anyone looking to learn a new skill to transition into a different job in their own lives. Having a hard time finding a job? Learn a new skill in the skilled trades.

Here are more resources to check out:

TechShop – Techshop is proud to offer Veterans of all eras FREE one-year memberships, good at all Techshop locations cross the US. Each free membership includes $350 worth of group classes to Veterans to help build skills in advanced manufacturing or to pursue entrepreneurial goals.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Resources area on their website that provides information on career advice to vets and their families on how to find and interview for jobs that are available.

United States Veterans Association - Non profit association run by veterans that helps foster networking opportunities in business for veterans.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Facebook Page - A quick resource guide online for veterans to find news updates and community updates from other vets as well as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Troops to Teachers - Many returning soldiers are struggling to find employment but the program Troops to Teachers offers a chance for a rewarding career that utilizes leadership skills and perseverance.

World’s Largest Veteran Job BoardThis site is the ultimate resource for vets looking for careers outside the military. The site helps vets build a resume, find employers who are looking to hire those with military experience and connect via others and career fairs.

United States Department of Labor - There is an area on the United States Department of Labor site called Veteran’s Employment and Training Service aka as VETS dedicated to helping vets transition back into the workplace after serving the country. The mission statement for VETS is to provide veterans and transitioning service members with the resources and services to succeed in the 21st century workforce by maximizing their employment opportunities, protecting their employment rights and meeting labor-market demands with qualified veterans today.

Michigan State University Program Vets to AgVets to Ag is a unique program dedicated to helping homeless U.S. Veterans train to work in Agriculture. Training is coordinated by the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology and is delivered by experts from MSU faculty and staff, including MSU Extension, Kellogg Biological Station, and the private sector.

CareerOneStop -  CareerOneStop’s Veterans ReEmployment page is a one-stop site for employment, training and financial help after your military service.

ISEEK - Help for veterans returning to civilian life can connect with experts on the transition process. Tap into programs that help veterans plan a career, learn about education and training options, and search for jobs.

My Next Move - Search for careers using keywords, search by industry, or search for careers that are like your military job by using the name or code of your military classification.

MyMilitary GPS LifePlan - Helps veterans, service members and their families set career, education, finance and personal goals and design plans that will lead them to success.

G.I. Jobs - Information and expert guidance for veterans making the transition from military to civilian employment.

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon -Beyond the Yellow Ribbon connects service members and their families with community support, training, services and resources.