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Crumbling Infrastructure

Q: “Crumbling infrastructure? Decreased enrollment in trade schools? How about letting the rest of us read it?” Moose —  desertengineer Mike’s Reply 6/27/08 (compilation reply to many) A: Hi Moose, if I send it, you’ll see it, as will everyone else, since it will be an “open letter.” I haven’t decided yet if I want…


Mike, Are you a bringer of a new Consciousness?


From Mike’s Mud Room on Discovery.com Q: Dear Mike, I am not sure how you feel about it, but I feel that you are a bringer of a new consciousness. Thanks to Liz I finally received the February issue of Fast Company and was able to read it. Sorry it took so long but I…


Glamorizing Blue-collar Jobs?


From Mike’s forum on Discovery.com Q: I am a big fan of the show. However, I am picky, and this is my only beef. Because this show glamorizes blue-collar and other jobs in the modest spectrum of vocations, it will affect how your fan base contributes their professional careers to this country. In other words,…


Seven Dirty Habits of Highly Effluent People


By Mike Rowe, January 28, 2008 Most public speakers are wildly overpaid, and I am no exception. I used to think I could justify my ridiculous fee by putting a lot of careful thought into each appearance, so I called my first presentation “Egalitarianism in the Modern-Day Workplace,” and talked at length about “the changing…


Fast Company: The Dirtiest Mind in Business

How Filth Met Opportunity and Created a Franchise by Ellen McGirt, January 28, 2008 Mike Rowe has drawn a crowd. Again. This time it’s on a chilly December night in Florence, South Carolina, at a local joint called J. Michael’s Grill and Raw Bar. In between autographing beer naps and posing for pictures, Rowe, the…


I’m curious Mike…


From the MRW Water Cooler Q. What are your feelings on education? Did you start school with an idea of what you wanted to be or a degree you wanted to pursue? It seems you are a well-rounded individual and I’m just curious if there was anything you had ever considered pursuing as a career….