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OFF THE WALL: A Price Worth Paying

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“Mike- you were recently tagged in Glen Beck’s post about being interviewed on his program. Do you realise how many people are upset about this because they despise Glen Beck?! I am disappointed that you did the interview because I want nothing to do with Beck. It’s a travesty.” Posted by Tobey Gloss, 3:20 pm,…


Mediaplanet USA Today – Manufacturing in America

Mike Rowe AMN Call to Empower America's Tradesmen

Mike’s call to Empower America’s Tradesmen ENCOURAGING THE NEXT GENERATION: ‘We need to nurture mechanical talent in all those who possess it and encourage all forms of learning.’ I have a neighbor named Doris, she’s approximately 130 years old and legally blind. Doris called me on Labor Day and asked if would help her assemble…


Glenn Beck Asks What Makes Mike Tick? Somebody’s Gotta Do It!

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Mike Rowe is one of Glenn’s favorite guests to have on radio, for a variety of reasons. First, Mike is one of the seemingly few leaders left on the planet who values hard work. He also isn’t afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t fold like a cheap tent when he gets some public pushback…


Dubiski Career High School & Holt Cat doing their part to Close the Skills Gap

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Spent yesterday in Grand Prairie Texas, just outside Dallas. There’s a trade school there called Dubiski. They train kids for jobs that actually exist, and they are without question one of the best facilities I’ve ever seen. Nearby, there’s a Cat Dealership called Holt. As many of you know, Cat has supported my efforts with…


Students Receive a BIG Donation from HOLT CAT & Some Career Encouragement from Mike


Mike encourages Grand Prairie high school students to pursue technical careers. “You hear a lot about blue collar and white collar. That’s a bunch of crap,” Rowe said Wednesday at an event at the high school. “Blue collar and white collar are two sides of the same coin.” Mike was given a banner featuring the…


Mike’s Serendipitous Interview

Mike Rowe & WFAA Daivd Schechter

Wordsmith Mike conveys the heart of why trade schools matter  AND impresses  News8 WFAA’s David Schechter with his enormous vocabulary. View Mike’s informal interview here and have your dictionary ready. Be sure to also check out the article about Luis Flores – Doing what you Love, for Fun and Profit and how he is making…