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Graduating without Debt

graduating without debt

College is expensive – students and parents are looking for the best value they can.  This article by Chuck Bentley, from Fox News offers steps you can take to learn without going deep into debt and Mike suggests some smart alternatives by considering a career in the skilled trades.   Read original article -HERE


Celebrate National Tradesmen Day 2014!

2014 National Tradesman Day

Today is the fourth annual National Tradesmen Day. IRWIN Tools is inviting the nation to celebrate the contributions of trade professionals across the country. On this day, IRWIN Tools encourages Americans to show their gratitude to tradesmen in ways such as thanking a plumber or electrician who has done a superior job, supporting a local…


OFF THE WALL: Disapproval from a Fake Journalist

Mike Rowe off the wall MR Dirty Job blog small

Mike, a friend of mine posted this article recently. “Mike Rowe’s Dirty Job.” While I fundamentally disagree with every point in it, I would love to hear your rebuttals to the personal attacks. Posted by Joey Defourneaux, 10:02 am, 9/7/2014 Thanks Joey Happy to oblige. When my flight’s delayed, and my entire day goes to…


mikeroweWORKS Turns 6 and 176 Students Are Going to Have Wonderful Lives in 2014

small mike rowe mrw turns six

Howdy As some of you know, I have a small foundation called mikeroweWORKS. It began six years ago on this day. Since then, things have since gotten progressively and delightfully out of hand. The purpose of mikeroweWORKS is to encourage more people to pursue job opportunities that actually exist – specifically, opportunities that require the…


Men’s Health: Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

Mike Rowe Men's Health Get Ahead by Getting Dirty

Over the years Mike has tried some Dirty Jobs, built a website to support the skilled trades and soon you will be able to watch him on CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It. All of these themes are connected in many ways and Mike shared his ideas with Josh Dean for this Men’s Health article. View the…


Mike Rowe brings his message about the skilled trades to SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA 50th

Nearly 15,000 students, teachers, counselors and parents attended this year’s SkillsUSA conference showcasing technical careers and education. Caterpillar and Mike Rowe were there to stress the importance of jobs in the skilled trades. While this is the second year Caterpillar has sponsored Mike’s appearance at the event, it marks the 17th consecutive year that Caterpillar…