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Kent Weaver – Work Ethic Scholarship Recipient “Get a vocation, not a job.”

Kent Weaver - 1Kent Weaver is studying Instrumentation Technology at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas. If you’re not familiar with Instrumentation Technology, you are not alone. But it’s one of the most crucial components of industry. It requires a working knowledge of piping, chemical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies… just to name a few. After spending 10 years working as a Correctional Officer for the state of New York, Kent was looking for something more brainy than brawny.

“When you’re a bigger guy, you get pigeonholed. It’s a natural migration to security work.” Kent said, “I wanted to break out of that mold because I felt like my intellect was being wasted.”

Being a Correctional Officer took a toll on Kent’s body. Every day on the job came with the real possibility of physical harm. “I started thinking about my future, my wellbeing and how I could be a better provider for my family without risking my health or safety.”

The classes at San Jacinto have provided a safe haven for Kent’s body, and a workout for his brain. And since the #mikeroweWORKS Work Ethic Scholarship Program doesn’t discriminate based on age, this 47 year-old was able to receive a scholarship to help him start a new career.Kent Weaver - pd

When Kent graduates in the fall of 2017 he expects to find work in the oil and gas industry, where Instrumentation Technicians are in demand. Until then, when Kent’s not in class, he’s working as a school photographer at Inter-State Studio & Publishing Company.

I asked Kent what advice he would give his 20 year-old self if he could. His reply; “Get a vocation, not a job. And save money!”

Words of wisdom, Kent. I’m sure Mike Rowe would agree.


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