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Joshua Granda

Joshua Granda – mrWF Work Ethic Scholarship

Joshua Granda - 2Joshua Granda comes from an artistic family. They’re the kind of family that doesn’t buy gifts for each other; they make gifts for each other. His mom is a theatrical Set Designer, his brother is a Master Finish Joshua GrandaCarpenter & Cabinet Maker, and Josh writes music, makes short films, and builds whatever his mind desires. So how did Joshua wind up studying Welding and Fabrication?

After graduating from Ocean Township High School in 2014 Joshua made the acquaintance of a man named Bill. Bill was Student Director of a church program Joshua attended, and Bill was opening his own carpentry shop. Bill knew that Joshua had a knack for building things, so he hired Joshua as a Carpenter’s Assistant.

It was at this job that Joshua got his first taste of welding. Welding at Bill’s shop was done out of necessity. They were small welds to repair tools or sometimes create new ones. One time, Joshua broke the head off an ax, and Bill taught Joshua how to weld it back together. Joshua felt nervous the first time he welded, but once he got the hang of it, he found it exhilarating.

“Manipulating and bending hot metal seemed like a super power as a kid. Now I’m doing it!”

From that day on, Joshua was happy to do all the welding jobs that came up at Bill’s shop.

One day Bill’s company was approached by a high school to build something unusual: a miniature Eiffel Tower for the school’s senior prom. The sculpture would measure 8 feet tall and could serJoshua Granda - 4ve as the backdrop for their prom pictures at the dance. Knowing how much Joshua enjoyed both welding and building things, Bill assigned Joshua to the job. This project called for the perfect combination of artistry and welding skill. Joshua accepted the challenge and completed the sculpture in one week. And after that week, a new career choice was born.

“I’ve always had the desire to build things. Over the years I’ve fed that desire until it grew into the decision to get educated and make it a career.”

Today Joshua is finishing up his first semester at Triangle Tech Bethlehem campus in Pennsylvania. Joshua got a mikeroweWORKS work ethic scholarship that will help him finish the 16 month program and graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Welding and Fabrication in June of 2018. Joshua’s ultimate goal is to combine his skills with his artistic side and become a prop and set maker for theaters.

Joshua Granda


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